A new chapter. Moving to southern skies, to another state is a new life beginning, a dream of a true American; plenty of open doors, and a huge number of opportunities. The eastern coast of the United States is a wonderful place for self-development in any direction. A local residential place is in great demand here, especially in Florida in the very south of the country where the summer prevails throughout the year, where there are beautiful nature and real life. This area is densely populated and it's not just another province which it used to be about fifty years ago but became a supermodern metropolitan area with enhanced and well-developed infrastructure. These small cities here are located as close to each other as possible and grow together, and the transport system allows you to get to anywhere on the peninsula only in an hour or an hour with a half.

If your ambitions include the family creating and children birth later, you can find here beautiful quiet districts for the slow-paced life, plenty of primary, senior, and high schools as well as higher colleges. Those who decided to make their career will get an excellent choice. A lot of big employers engage personnel constantly and require professionals.


Best Price Moving Quotes company not just lends assistance but also takes on the tasks related to moving house and to your personal belongings shipping. If required, you can order any accompanying services. All the issues concerning the items transporting and storing during the moving house will be resolved by our company.


A complex approach, many years of experience, and well-arranged internal working systems allow our company to carry out any moving.

Home / Residental Miami Movers

Home / Residential

If you’ve decided to move to Florida, with Best Price Moving Quotes you will have no trouble with it. You can delegate to us any issues with your things transporting to a new place of living.

Home / Residental Miami Movers

Business Office / Commercial

The commercial equipment shipment is also included in our competence area. You can commit the office furniture transporting to us – whether that be chairs, tables, and any technical facilities.

Apartment / Condominimum Flatrate Movers

Apartments / Condominium

Far too often such moving is related to the difficulties with the lifting of the things to the higher rows. Our removal porters will surely handle all these.

House Flatrate Miami Movers


May it not seem to you that moving from the large and already lived-in house is very challenging. Our professional movers will help you with efficient gathering, packaging, delivering to the place, and unloading of all your


Best Price Moving Quotes will help you with any stuff transporting regardless of its quantity, dimensions, and task complexity.

Grand Piano Moving at Miami,Fl

We often encounter in the real world with the need for the large cargos transporting, and the piano is not an exception. Furthermore, we will not just deliver it from A to B, but also will lift it to the higher rows of the many-storeyed house when required. Air ride trucks are our solution to the outsized cargos shipping.

Antique Items and Fine Art Moving

With the full understanding of the value of the antique items, our movers will pay extra attention to their uploading, shipping, and unloading at the site. Besides, they will be especially careful with any type of art, including paintings, sculptures, mirrors, and many more.

Moving Appliances and Electronics

Any household appliances, including large-dimensioned and fragile plasma-panel displays without limitations will be moved with guaranteed safety and without any damages. You can keep a peace of mind for your electronics won’t get wet and will be delivered to a place in excellent condition.

Furniture transportation

Furniture shipping always was one of the most difficult issues because it’s often related to the struggles when too large beds and wardrobes don’t fit through the house or apartment doors. Our professionals can also handle that.


In order to fully cover the whole specter and let you have practically no share in the house moving, Best Price Moving Quotes delivers all the possible related services and resolves the issues that could appear during the moving.

Assembling and disassembling furniture Miami Moving company


Covering the full specter of services related to house moving, our skilled personnel will help you to disassemble your wardrobes and sofas and to assemble them at the new place.

Assembling and disassembling furniture Miami Moving company


We provide the services of qualified professional freight handlers that will carry out the loading and unloading of the trucks, PODS, and containers. We guarantee the safety of your things during the shipping.

How it looks - Packing Miami Movers service


One of the most important factors during the house moving is competent stuff packaging. These troubles for your belongings we will take on, too, and we’ll help you to package all you need correctly.

Our Storage Miami Movers service


The individual item storage service that the Best Price Moving Quotes company provides to you delivers an ultimate convenience and an economy of time that could be spent to the things carrying from place to place in the interim. We are ready to provide you our storages, to take care of safekeeping and twenty-four-hour guarding.

Garbage collection And Disposal Miami Movers service


Very often in the case of moving from the single-family home arises a need just to throw away much stuff from the parcel or garage. If it is necessary, we will also execute these specific orders.


The Florida state attracts many with each its corner, but every city has its special highlights related to infrastructure, landscapes, and educational institutions.

Here to your attention are presented the most popular directions for the house moving. Of course, the main of them is the Eastern coast with an outlet to the ocean, the capital of the Orlando state, a landmark, and a large metropolitan area of Miami, as well as the third city by size in Florida – Tampa on the Western coast.

Take a look at the table below. In the brackets, you will see the number of residents according to population census as of 2019. Based on this information you can assume the approximate size of each location and choose the most convenient one, whether it is a small and quiet city or a large and dynamic area. The cities in the table are categorized in three indicative directions: the East with an outlet to the Atlantic ocean, the West washed by the Gulf of Mexico and a piece of cake, the South-East, as well as the Central and Northern parts of the state.

East Miami Movers service


  • Hialeah (233,339)
  • Port St. Lucie (201,846)
  • Fort Lauderdale (182,437)
  • Pembroke Pines (173,591)
  • Palm Bay (115,552)
  • Pompano Beach (112,118)
  • West Palm Beach (111,955)
  • Sunrise (95,166)
  • Melbourne (83,029)
  • Homestead (69,523)
  • Aventura (36,987)
  • Palm Beach (8,816)
South - East Miami FlatRate movers service company


  • Miami (467,963)
  • Miami Gardens (110,001)
  • Miami Beach (88,885)
  • Miami Lakes (31,367)
North and Center Miami FlatRate movers service company

North and Center

  • Jacksonville (911,507)
  • Orlando (287,442)
  • Gainesville (133,997)
  • Lakeland (112,136)
  • Daytona Beach (69,186)
  • Pensacola (52,975)
  • Ponte Vedra Beach (29,495) (as of 2016)
West Miami FlatRate movers service company


  • Tampa (399,700)
  • St. Petersburg (265,351)
  • Brandon (90,470) (as of 2007)
  • Fort Myers (87,103)

Why moving is our best ?

Why Dealing with Best Price Moving Quotes movers is our best


The experience gained over the years of the hard work and the continuous evolution let the Best Price Moving Quotes company become a leader in the freight transportation market in America. The narrow focus on the Florida state helped trigger an ultimate effective logistic system, a shipping speed improvement, but among these, the company has many other eligibilities.

Fast Local Miami Moving service

Fast FlatRate moving service

The house moving issue is impatient at the delays. We understand how important it is to move from the old living place and to deliver your belongings to the new place as soon as possible. That’s why we pay extra attention to smart logistics and optimization of the work-flow.

Flat Rate moving Miami near me


With the work of professional logistics specialists, you can not only save your money for your stuff shipping but also you will gain some time. Miami movers will estimate the shortest possible route that allows keeping costs for the fuel down and the working time of our drivers which will result in your money saving, and experienced movers and assemblers will do their work that lets you save even more significant recourse – your time.

Safe and Secure Relocation Miami

Safe and Secure Relocation

You can be sure that every part of your interior design and decorative fixtures will be delivered safe and sound. We guarantee that all your stuff will be shipped to a place without any mechanical damages, scratches, or dimples. Please also note that our trucks are always neat and clean, so the appearance of your belongings will surely remain the same

Final Mile Delivery Service

Final Mile Delivery

A complex approach of Best Price Moving Quotes to their work allows you to completely delegate to us all the issues related to the house moving. You can completely opt-out of this process. We carry out the delivery directly from door to door and when necessary our movers will not only upload and unload your stuff but also can unpack and assemble your large furniture.

Optimization of transportation service


Our operators can pick the best truck according to the type of your belongings as well as its properties and dimensions. You can set your mind at ease about the cost of the oversize vehicle or about keeping the previously provided terms.

Worldwide moving and long-distance transportation


This opportunity cannot be delivered by some small shipping companies because competent and optimized work needs huge resources. So, we use our own experience and diligently develop new systems of interacting that allow us to arrange the house moving to Florida not only from any state of America but also from another country.

Moving supplier


While the Best Price Moving Quotes works you feel the support and responsible attitude of our staff at every stage, from your order processing and thinking out the best-optimized plan to final uploading of your items and your furniture assembling at the new place.

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